The bank for water boards and sustainability projects

NWB Bank, in full Nederlandse Waterschapsbank, is a specialized bank for financing the public sector in the Netherlands. The bank’s mission is to provide financial services to the public sector, in particular water boards and housing cooperations, but also to municipalities, provinces, and other government institutions. CF Report acts as an advisor and strategic design partner for NWB’s annual reporting.


Sustainability in the 2023 Annual Report

CF Report acts as an advisor and strategic design partner for the bank. A lot of attention is paid to visualizing the bank’s sustainability policy. In doing so, the bank’s sustainability objectives are presented clearly, such as sustainable financing, integration of ESG criteria, climate risk management, transparency, accountability, collaboration in the chain, and stakeholder involvement.

By striving to realize these objectives, NWB aims to not only increase its own sustainable impact but also contribute to a more sustainable society and to the Dutch economy.


Annual Report 2023



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