Why paper for Homo digitalis?

Digital first elevates reporting to a higher level.

Due to automation and evolving laws and regulations, systems are becoming increasingly interconnected. 

Additionally, there is a growing need to have access to the most current data anytime and anywhere. As reporting is no longer solely for investors but for all stakeholders of an organisation, it is now more important than ever to ensure that data is easily understandable and accessible and to every type of reader. Digital reporting offers the solution. It ensures that information is updated daily and readily available in a user-friendly format.


Thanks to digital reporting, always complete and up-to-date

Through digital reporting, CM creates a seamless experience for its clients and users, making all reporting information easily accessible. Anywhere, anytime. At CF Report, we view digital reporting as a holistic approach to content. We present ‘topline’ content separately from justifications and explanations, allowing key points to be viewed at a glance. Details and substantiations can then be accessed at a deeper level. Thanks to a dedicated Data Centre, all relevant figures and datasets are readily accessible, providing both depth and breadth of information.

Robert Schmitz – Art Director

“Digital first implies a reorientation on the traditional reporting format. Our digital formats give our customers’ stakeholders easier access, which brings their processes further and their goals closer.”

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