Reporting tools

Disclosure management

Streamlining and automating the process of collecting, processing, and reporting financial data is known as disclosure management. This enables companies to comply with financial reporting and disclosure requirements more efficiently and accurately. CF Report provides integrated solutions for preparing annual reports, quarterly reports, and other financial documents. This saves companies time and resources while improving the quality and consistency of their disclosure management.

Cloud platform

CF Report’s cloud-based reporting solutions enable the publication of annual reports, ESG reports, or financial reports to various output channels, such as websites, digital reports, dashboards, ESEF packages, or (interactive) PDFs. Such a centralised solution creates a single central data source – often referred to as a ‘single source of truth’ – ensuring that content and data across different channels are always up-to-date and consistently displayed, in accordance with the client’s preferences.

Studio Solution

The automation of reporting has become the rule rather than the exception in today’s landscape. For organisations valuing design-driven reporting, we offer our Studio Solution. By linking our design tools to an online platform, we simplify the process, enabling clients and CF Report to collaborate in a shared document.


CF Report is an expert in digital reporting, a status we are committed to maintaining and expanding. To achieve this, we work closely with a select group of reporting solution providers. These partnerships facilitate ongoing innovation, enabling us to deliver increasingly customised solutions to help our clients not only become but also remain future-proof.

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