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Reporting strategy

At CF Report, we approach reporting not as a means to account for the past but as a powerful tool to garner support for the future. After all, plans that enjoy broad support are more likely to be implemented. We work with our clients to maximise the potential of their reporting. We make recommendations based on analysis of your current reports, advise on value creation, integration of business results into a content marketing strategy, high-level reporting frameworks, and their implementation.


Integrated reporting

Increasingly more organisations are opting for an integrated reporting model that combines conventional annual financial reports with ESG or sustainability reports. At CF Report, we assist our clients in this process. With in-house expertise in CSRD, TCFD, GRI and SDGs, we make standards and connectivity company-specific and future-proof. We know what data is important to communicate and have the necessary knowledge and experience in legal and regulatory matters.

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Reporting platforms

Digital platforms serve as the most effective means to reach stakeholders. That’s why digital-first is so important! By transforming reporting content into a communication platform, you offer the ever-widening group of stakeholders a central environment where the information they need is accessible and up-to-date throughout the year.

In addition to the relevant PDF documents in a document centre and a data centre where key data can be found in various categories, we provide space in the environment for inspiring videos and podcasts, data and case stories and interactive dashboards, which we can also create for you. This way, you leverage valuable content as a powerful reputation management tool. A reporting platform can be fully integrated into your corporate website or set up as a separate page alongside it.



Dashboarding enhances management information and accelerates the pace of change. This is why we use the available data to turn KPIs and performance into visual and understandable insights for our clients. This makes the management of goals and results easier and, above all, transparent.

We will assist you with data analysis, defining KPIs, and translating them into goal-driven dashboarding platforms. We can work with any common platform and create automated dashboards using web apps, HTML or Power BI. Needless to say, we will design the user interface (UI) and the outstanding user experience (UX) during development of these dashboards.


Corporate communi­cation

With expertise and insights in accountability and reputation-sensitive matters, we offer comprehensive corporate communication services. Our services include advising on and executing communication efforts with content strategy, high-quality content creation, and meticulous design implementation. We are happy to assist you with the design and development of corporate communication products, such as stakeholder magazines, corporate websites, or IR and M&A presentations. The content of all our communications – i.e. articles and stories – is always factful and supported by data.

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