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Eneco is leading in the energy sector and enables the transition to sustainable energy. Based on a benchmark survey and consultancy sessions with CF Report, the 2023 annual report was expanded with a value creation model, chain model for wind and solar energy, and a visual for the origin of materials. Eneco’s profile was also enriched. In addition, the material topics, based on a double materiality analysis, were represented visually with extra attention for KPIs, performance, and Eneco’s underlying policy. This framework is a major step toward CSRD compliancy.


Engaging CEO video

The online reporting environment with a CEO video is leading. In this video, Eneco CEO As Tempelman tells Eneco’s story enriched with data visuals. The interaction between the online reporting environment, the CEO video, and the PDF enables the reader to quickly arrive at the essence of the desired information. Transparency is the magic word in this reporting framework. The PDF’s new landscape format was produced using Tangelo.

Everyone’s sustainable energy
Together with its customers and partners, Eneco is working on realizing its mission: ‘Everyone’s sustainable energy’. Eneco not only produces and delivers more and more sustainable energy itself – the company also develops products and services with which consumers and businesses can produce, store, use, and share sustainable energy themselves. With revenues of nearly €8.4 billion, 4,500 employees in four countries, five strong brands, and in total 15 participations, start-ups, and scale-ups, an acceleration of both the energy transition and Eneco’s innovations is clearly taking place.


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