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AM, in full known as AM Real Estate Development, is a leading real estate developer and part of the Royal BAM Group. AM focuses on the development of sustainable, innovative, and livable living and working environments. The developer applies new technologies and concepts to create future-proof buildings and neighborhoods and thus aims to meet the changing needs of residents and users.


Mission as the basis for reporting

AM’s mission – developing high-quality projects that are both economically and ecologically responsible, with a strong focus on added value for society is the central theme in AM’s annual report. Four pillars were visualized in the annual report: Move to a positive climate, Move to climate positivity, Design for wellbeing, and their long-term vision ‘Panorama 2050’. Consequently, there is also a strong focus on sustainability and the realization of environmentally friendly and energy-efficient buildings in which attention is paid to the use of sustainable materials, energy-saving technologies, biodiversity and landscaping. 


Annual Report 2023

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