Creating a safe and livable world

Fugro is a Dutch company specializing in geodata and geo-services for the onshore and offshore industry. With their unique mapping, modelling, and monitoring solutions, Fugro provides crucial insights into the built and natural environment for projects. Innovation is Fugro’s central focus. Fugro supports customers by providing solutions to facilitate the energy transition, large-scale infrastructure developments, and adaptation to climate change.


Visualizing sustainable business operations

The aim is to create a safe and livable world. In the annual report that CF Report produced for them, Fugro’s sustainable business operations are presented visually and insight is provided into how and with which project Fugro contributes to the energy transition and the protection of the environment. There is a lot of attention for performance highlights and extra attention for goals and risks. The dashboards in the ESG selection stand out. Relevant storytelling about their unique customer solutions, highly trained personnel, agnostic approach, and innovative and scalable technology are central themes in the annual report.


Annual Report 2023

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