Impact Report for Make-A-Wish

How to make a complex social science study that measures the impact of a charity organisation understandable and therefore brief, powerful, and above all, visually depicted? CF Report knows how to do this and created both an attractive Impact Summary and a fully visual Impact Report for Make-A-Wish Netherlands.

Since 1989, Make-A-Wish Netherlands has aimed to give children between the ages of 3 and 18 with a serious, sometimes even life-threatening illness more strength for the future by fulfilling their dearest wish in the form of a carefully planned Wish Journey.

Testing the Theory of Change
The Wish Journey is a bespoke process involving a large group of stakeholders for months. Although Make-A-Wish observes many positive effects, the actual impact that the Wish Journey realises has not yet been structurally measured and made clear. In the Impact Report, a Theory of Change developed by Make-A-Wish is tested among wish children, parents, and healthcare professionals. Three effects are central to this: positive emotions, autonomy, and resilience. These effects are measured at four different moments – from the first initiative, the start, two weeks before, two weeks after, and four to six months after the Wish Journey. Through a visual elaboration and summary of the complex content, Make-A-Wish was able to demonstrate that Wish Journeys have positive effects in many aspects.

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