Time for a new perspective

Flying continues to be a worthwhile catalyst of social and economic life. It connects people, enables trade and allows us to create memorable experiences. On the other hand, war has erupted in Ukraine, inflation and fuel prices are volatile and the labour market has become even tighter. Meanwhile, competition in the airline industry 2022 remains fierce, KLM’s operating environment is becoming more complex and technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) are touching every aspect of our lives.

KLM has realised that the traditional way of doing business is no longer the way to treat our planet, our customers and each other. KLM feels the need to reorient its focus and review who KLM is, what KLM has to offer and how KLM delivers. In short, it is time to offer KLM’s customers, staff and other stakeholders a new perspective of our future.

Complete metamorphosis in reporting

See here the rationale behind a completely new structure of the KLM Annual Report 2022. CF Report has implemented a complete metamorphosis together with KLM. The basis is a fact-based approach in which data is visualized in attractive dashboards. Substantial structural improvements have also been implemented and extra attention is being paid to value creation, the new KLM strategy and how KLM plays an important role in its vision of making flying more sustainable. KLM is committed to being more transparent about the progress of its sustainability goals, its social responsibility and invites all its stakeholders to a constructive dialogue. KLM’s ESG strategy is transparently presented in three clear chapters as well.

This reporting approach is also reflected in photography with catchy captions and storytelling based on in-depth interviews with stakeholders.

Attractive microsite

The annual report consists of an attractive online publication environment (microsite) with a CEO video and data dashboards (finance, people, passengers and cargo), ESG data, the new KLM strategy, purpose, vision and an overview of important stories and highlights of the year. This online environment also contains a download center for various (interactive) PDFs.

Result: communicative and accessible report

The result is an attractive, communicative and accessible report in which KLM’s vision and key financial and non-financial achievements are clearly communicated. CF Report is proud to be the reporting partner for KLM.

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