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After almost eleven years, Pieter Koenders has handed over the daily management of #CFReport to Carola La Grouw – Hromadka, who has taken over from him as the new Managing Director of the reporting market leader in the Netherlands as of July 1. In his new role of Commercial Director, Pieter will remain involved with CF Report, which is part of Creative Digital Agency #HappyHorizon.

Continuity at the management level ensured
Since Pieter took over CF Report in 2013, he and his team have produced more than 1,000 Annual Reports, Impact Reports, and Sustainability, CSR, or ESG reports. Over the past decade, an intensive collaboration developed with Carola and her company Report Company, which has been integrated into CF Report since 2023. With this change of leadership, continuity at the management level is ensured.

In the context of CF Report’s further growth, Felix Janssens, who has been employed as a Creative Strategist at CF Report since 2017, has also joined the management team in the role of Strategy Director.

Management team as of July 1
The management of CF Report as of July 1, 2024, consists of:

  • Carola La Grouw-Hromadka, Managing Director
  • Felix Janssens, Strategy Director
  • Pieter Koenders, Commercial Director

Pieter: “CF Report has experienced tremendous growth in recent years, consistently staying ahead of the latest trends in reporting. As a result, and together with all our dedicated employees, we have grown from a small company to a medium-sized business with more than 25 employees. I look back on this with pleasure. However, it is time to partially hand over the ‘reporting baton’ and responsibility. That feels right and it also allows room for new personal initiatives. But I remain actively involved because you don’t just let go of such a beautiful company as CF Report. I have a lot of confidence in Carola and Felix, who have both proven their qualities.”

Carola: “It is an honour to take over from Pieter. Over the past decade, he, along with our passionate top team, has grown CF Report into what and where it is today. For me, this is a wonderful challenge that makes me proud and gives me energy. I am grateful to Pieter for his trust, enthusiasm, incredible drive, and our collaboration over the past years.”

Felix: “Reporting is continuously evolving. How do you comply with all the laws and regulations and still ensure that your report is visual, readable, and communicative and reflects your company’s value? How do you tell an integrated story in which purpose, strategy, material topics, value creation, and impacts in the chain are interconnected? How do you involve your stakeholders in the most important topics and still maintain control over your company’s strategic course? That is the playing field that I will continue to promote!”

Continuing with passion and drive
In eleven years, we have achieved a lot with CF Report. Since 2017, we have won the FD Gazellen Award seven times in a row, making us one of the fastest-growing companies in the Netherlands for years. Although that is quite an achievement, in the end it is all about the trust of our clients, high service orientation, and innovative power. Last year, we reinvented digital reporting, and we are more and more internationally active. CF Report, which now has about 70 clients, continues to look forward, and with the new management team, we will continue to work with passion and drive to constantly surprise our clients.

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