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In the 2022 annual report, CM.com looks back on an eventful, but stable year. Extra emphasis was placed on the importance of excellent interactions. Interactions between CM.com products and end users, but also the physical and digital dialogues between people. With ‘Making every conversation counts’, CM.com gives relevance to this by allowing various stakeholders to tell their story.

In addition, CM.com is taking another nice step towards ESG and they commit themselves even more clearly to their ESG objectives. Also this year, CF Report (scope: reporting strategy, creative concept, design and the design and technical development of the online reporting platform, as well as reporting communication) together with Reporting Company (scope: daily project management and quality control) was responsible for the entire reporting process.

Special parts of our scopes are the digital presentation of the annual figures 2022 and a mini story CEO video that outlines CM.com’s growth, ambitions and future prospects.

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