Niche player

and expert

C&F Report is a leading consultancy and realisation specialist in the field of corporate reporting. Our unique niche specialisation is designing and realising annual reports and sustainability reports for a range of companies. This includes providing strategic advice and various supplementary digital and other services and managing financial or investor relations communications. We pursue our goal of being the ‘Best in corporate reporting’ with boundless energy, solid knowhow and an in-depth understanding of the subject matter at hand.

Corporate reporting is a specialism – and the number of companies in the Netherlands that can call themselves specialists in this niche market is small. C&F is one of those companies, combining the following qualities and skills:
  • Expertise in corporate reporting: specialist in reporting based on the principles of the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC), the Dutch Annual Reporting Guidelines, the structure and contents of reporting;
  • Strategy, value creation, expertise in business economics, expertise in finance, governance and enterprise risk management;
  • Visualisation: the skill of presenting key reporting data in a visual format and making it easily accessible through the use of pictograms, infographics, concise visual dashboards, online reporting models, visuals and illustrations;
  • Creativity: expertise in design, DTP and online communications;
  • Knowledge of corporate and organisational strategy and the skill and experience to efficiently integrate these into reports;
  • Expertise in CSR: strategy, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI 3/4), ISO 26000, value creation and stakeholder dialogue;
  • Content creation: C&F provides copywriting services, conducts interviews and, for many projects, also takes on the full editing process;
  • Language skills: we employ the best native-speaker writers and editors, who specialise in reporting and are familiar with the relevant financial and CSR terminology;
  • Actively contributing solutions;
  • We champion the three Ps: perfectionism, punctuality and professionalism (integrity and reliability);
  • C&F works with a team of quality assurance officers and editors who manage and supervise every aspect of our processes, leading to impeccable results;
  • Clear client communications and excellent working relationships.

Market leader in reporting

C&F was established more than 25 years ago. This is indicative of the continuity of our services. In late 2013 C&F Report was acquired by the company’s Managing Director, Pieter Koenders. C&F is characterised by a healthy growth with an increasing number of customers. C&F Report is now the market leader in reporting in the Netherlands and has a strong position in the market for dashboarding. In 2017, C&F Report received a FD Gazelle Award as one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. The shares of C&F Report are held by Managing Director Pieter Koenders (50%) and the investment company P1 (50%). This provides a solid foundation for the future.

Full support through process quality and quality assurance

Reporting is a complex and meticulous process. C&F understands the importance of deadlines and publication dates and we always set timescales that ensure we can honour the commitments we make to our clients. Renowned for its transparency in the production process, C&F supports clients at every level of this process and up to the smallest detail. We use rigid quality control processes and manage projects and data with a high level of discipline. We check all graphs and tables, as well as formatting and layout, and make sure all deadlines are met.

We take a proactive approach when it comes to communicating with our clients and make sure the message is clear. C&F delivers flawless proofs and guarantees that all information relating to our clients is handled discretely and with strict confidentiality throughout the process, including through our extra-secure servers and by the certified shredding of all important documents.