Stakeholder dialogue makes impact

Stakeholder dialogue makes impact

You like the idea of stakeholder dialogue but have doubts as to its impact and are not quite sure how to get your employees and stakeholders involved. You are firmly committed to Corporate Social Responsibility  (CSR) and would like to integrate this into your business operations by actively involving your employees and stakeholders. C&F’s efficient and communicative approach could be just what you are looking for: four building blocks, divided into nine stages that produce tangible, guaranteed results.

Four building blocks
1. Internal awareness raising; focus and alignment
2. External assessment of priorities and determining value
3. Creating and designing the materiality matrix
4. Integrating the above into your communications

Nine stages

1. Identifying the CSR elements already in place and any essential issues in order to add direction and focus.
2. Brief interviews with the organisation’s most critical employees (‘critics’) on sustainability and CSR, resulting in a brief report summarising the main focus areas. Purpose: investigating and identifying resistance.
3. The C&F Stakeholder Card Game addresses tailor-made issues relating to CSR, including tailor-made signing in the form of an action pictogram.
4. Combining outcomes.
5. External stakeholder dialogue.
6. Designing the materiality matrix based on a comprehensive analysis of stages 2 to 5. Analysis of:
o relevant versus irrelevant or less relevant;
o short-term priorities versus long-term priorities
This materiality matrix is professionally designed and shared both within and outside the organisation.
7. Communication briefings (inspiration sessions and visual storytelling) designed to actively involve employees in the process.
8. CSR event.
9. Feedback on CSR event, including an action plan for further communication.


  • Internal activation – awareness-raising
  • Optimum motivation and awareness of employees and external stakeholders
  • Input for reporting and GRI-4
  • Professionally designed materiality index
  • Clarity in terms of focus and direction (internal and external) in CSR policy
  • Clear outline of dilemmas and CSR decisions made
  • Strong CSR message
  • Employees’ commitment to organisation’s CSR measures
  • Inspiring and communicative briefing