Quality living

Woonbron is a leading housing corporation that provides suitable housing in a range of districts for those who need it. For the residents, Woonbron is a partner that provides pleasant, affordable and good-quality homes.

Housing corporations have a social role that is taking on greater strategic importance against a backdrop of commercialisation and privatisation. The housing corporation has modest resources but achieves high impact by optimising the services on which it is constantly judged. The housing corporation is a service brand with associated service design, customer journey and net promoter scores.

C&F has developed a digital-first management report for Woonbron focusing on service provision as a key performance criterion. For the first time a customer journey has been added to the report showing the contacts between the customer and the organisation and enabling the services to be measured and optimised.

Goal: from housing to living
The online page of the annual report is a compact and varied dashboard that anticipates the requirements of continuous reporting. Service organisations are only as good as the last service they provided. The dashboards give stakeholders a view of the current performance.

Woonbron’s business strategy is based on pleasant, affordable and good-quality homes. These pillars are summarised in an integrated animation slider and linked to the corresponding sections of the management report. This slider, combined with the key financial and non-financial data and a summary of KPIs for each strategic pillar, provides a comprehensive overview of Woonbron as a modern housing corporation.

C&F developed a modern reporting platform based on the digital-first concept with dashboards suitable for continuous reporting and an interactive PDF of the management report.

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