Interactive Annual Report 2016
Strategic reporting and CSR advice
Reporting framework, strategy and CSR models and visuals
Accessible visual and clickable structure: Results, Strategy, Operations, Sustainability, Governance & Risk
Accessible Visual CSR Structure: Bricks, People, Partners and Society


Wereldhave is a listed company (Euronext AMX) and invests in medium-sized shopping centers in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Finland. In total, nearly 155 million consumers visit Wereldhave’s 32 shopping centers. C&F advised on how the successful Wereldhave strategy can be presented best, including the associated CSR policy. In this context, strategic visuals and a reporting framework and visual were developed, consisting of the following components: Results, Strategy, Operations, Sustainability, and Governance & Risk. These blocks were visualized not only with icons, but also as separate clickable sessions in the report. This creates a clear structure. For the CSR section of the Annual Report C&F Report developed a separate visualized structure with four CSR pillars: Bricks, People, Partners and Society. For each pillar, ambitions, goals and progress are displayed briefly and visually. Packaging interviews with the CEO and CFO, as well as with several stakeholders, give an additional indication to the Wereldhave strategy. The result is a good readable, interactive, attractive designed annual report 2016. With this reporting approach Wereldhave distinguishes itself.

Scope C&F: strategic advice, structure, reporting dashboards, design, full visualization, formatting, all icons, infographics, strategic visuals, attractive looking tables, interactive pdf, including intensive process control, quality control.