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Vion Food Group
The international meat producer Vion Food Group (over 11,900 employees, turnover around €4.7 billion) is a game changer in the relatively closed meat industry.
C&F Report is the consulting and design partner for corporate communications offering a broad spectrum of activities in the field of reporting, internal branding and value creation, with which Vion is repositioning itself as a producer of healthy, high-protein food products. At the centre is the CSR report, which is a crucial element of Vion’s rebranding.

CSR for everyone!
The materiality matrix has been drawn up on the basis of a detailed stakeholder analysis. It is periodically assessed to ensure relevance and supplemented or prioritised where necessary. The reporting structure has been organised on the basis of the material subjects. For each topic the approach, agenda, key issues and outlook are brought together in a well-designed dashboard providing a clear structure and control mechanism.
The main material themes of food safety, transparency and animal welfare are linked to the UN Social Development Goals (SDGs) and described in terms of specific objectives.
The SDGs and material subjects have been integrated into the value creation model.
The CSR report also includes profile, key figures, sales areas, value chain, value enhancement, core values, business principles, food trends and stakeholder interviews, making the report a widely accessible document.

C&F contributes to Vion’s development with CSR advice, materiality, value creation, CSR topic selection and GRI Standards, resulting in sought-after publications.

One Vion digital platform: from meat processor to producer of healthy, high-protein food
Vion’s broad message of ‘wholesome food for millions of people, every day’ is no longer aimed only at suppliers or customers. A wide range of stakeholders are addressed by the central message. Vion was previously a production- and location-oriented meat processor but is growing into a product- and food concept-oriented company. Vion adds value to all links in the food chain with high-quality products and concepts. The new ‘high-protein and healthy food producer’ value proposition is based on a demand-driven food chain (‘from plate to farmer’) in which quality, taste and animal welfare are central.

With the online platform concept and the creation of the corporate website C&F Report has positioned Vion as the ‘Unilever’ of high-protein food: a socially aware company with a focus on animal welfare, quality, customer-oriented products and innovative concepts.

Modern Meatmasters care
Vion Pork has performed a 180-degree turn and redefined its strategy: from plate to farmer means customers and consumers are central, the chain is shortened and the pride and knowledge of the craft are highlighted as a unique quality.
The new message of the Pork division has been shared and implemented internally and is being communicated externally in the form of stories, products and people.

The ‘Modern Meatmasters care’ campaign has been launched internally, supporting and strengthening the vision and business activities. C&F has developed an e-zine that serves as an external platform for stories, cases and products. The Meatmasters Academy enables employees to be involved in meat mastership and become ambassadors for it.

For Vion Pork C&F developed the central message that modern meatmasters care, thereby supporting the transition to a demand-driven food chain that puts taste and quality centre stage.

‘The success of Vion’s CSR programme is partly down to C&F Report, which used its knowledge and creativity to deliver an impressive, effective CSR platform. Reporting contributes to the transparency and chain responsibility that are essential for Vion. A high-impact corporate website has been developed to support our development from a meat processor to a producer of healthy, high-protein food products. In this way C&F Report has proved that reporting is more than just an annual report.’
– Nancy Aschman, Group Communication Director, Vion Food Group

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