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100% transparent CSR Report 2016
Advice en execution CSR strategy, based on a value creation model
Stakeholder analysis, materiality, CSR topics, CSR targets, GRI Standards
Iconic dashboarding offering full insights and understanding
Annual Report 2016
Publication in three languages: English, German, Dutch

Vion Food

The international meat producer Vion Group (more than 11,800 employees, revenue over € 5.1 billion) is a ‘game changer’ in the relatively closed meat industry. Based on a newly defined CSR policy, Vion has revised its communication and reporting and redesigned it accordingly. C&F Report is the consultancy and design partner for corporate communications with a wide range of activities: reporting, online, internal branding and value communications around stakeholder dialogue.


Reporting more than just meat
Central themes are food safety, transparency and animal welfare. The materiality matrix was based on an extensive stakeholder analysis. The reporting structure has been developed for the selected material themes (CSR topics). The basis for this is the value creation model, divided into social, environmental and economic themes. More than thirty themes were visualized in infographics with a clear overview of the relevant theme, its boundaries, a short description of Vion’s approach, the results and a preview. The CSR report also includes a profile, key figures, sales areas, value chain, valorisation, core values ​​and business principles, food trends and an overview of the many stakeholders. Stakeholder interviews throughout the report define the broad social framework in which Vion finds itself.

Scope C&F: CSR advice, elaboration, strategic set-up, stakeholder analysis, materiality, value creation model, selection of CSR themes (CSR topics), GRI Standards, iconic design of all CSR topics, design of the complete CSR reporting, design of the annual report, including hundreds of icons, illustrations and visuals, and process control and quality control.

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Creation of a platform for One Vion: producing healthy and safe food for millions of people every day
The broad message of Vion is not only directed to its customers, clients, consumers or suppliers. Indeed, a wide range of stakeholders is involved in the central message. Vion was a country and production location-oriented company and is growing towards a product and food-oriented company. With high-quality products and concepts from three divisions (Beef, Pork and Food Service) the company adds value to all links in the food chain. The ‘One Vion’ platform was developed on this value proposition and seventeen websites were brought together in one central online platform.

Scope C&F: benchmark research, strategic positioning, web architecture advice, online development, design concept, art direction and production.

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Vion Pork: Modern Meat Masters care
With the slogan ‘from board to farmer’ the new value proposition of Vion Pork has been turned 180 degrees: customers, buyers, professionals such as star chefs and consumers are central. The chain has been shortened and the pride and knowledge of craftsmanship as unique quality have been put on the foreground. The new sound of the Pork division is internally shared and retransmitted and is externally communicated through stories (storytelling), products and people. Modern Meat Masters Care* started as an internal campaign that supports and strengthens the vision of the (new) business activities and with the dynamically designed (combination of design, text, image, video) stakeholders’ E-zines Vion has an external platform for stories, cases and products. The Meat Masters Academy involves employees and ambassadors of Meat Master ship.

Scope C&F: communication concept and advice concepting, art direction, design and realisation of E-zines, coordination.

* Care not only means caring for sustainability aspects and animal welfare, but also implies magical mastery focused on the best based on the passion for craft.

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