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100% transparent CSR Report 2016
Advice en execution CSR strategy, based on a value creation model
Stakeholder analysis, materiality, CSR topics, CSR targets, GRI Standards
Iconic dashboarding offering full insights and understanding
Annual Report 2016
Publication in three languages: English, German, Dutch

Vion Food

International meat producer Vion Group (over 11,500 employees, sales of approximately € 4.7 billion) wants to be a game changer in the relatively closed meat industry. That is why Vion completely renewed its CSR policy in 2016. Food safety, transparency and animal welfare are the biggest focus points. C&F Report was selected as advisor and design partner: advice and all reporting aspects from one contact point; effective, professional and involved. Based on a comprehensive stakeholder analysis, a materiality matrix was prepared. For the selected material CSR themes (CSR topics) a reporting structure was devised and arranged. The basis for this is a value creation model, divided in social, environmental and economic themes. All thirty themes were visualised based on infographics with a clear overview of the theme, its boundaries, and a brief description of Vion’s approach, results and outlook. The CSR report 2016 also includes profile, key figures, the markets served, a value chain, valorisation, core values and business principles, food trends and an overview of the many stakeholders. The total content is loaded with inspiring stakeholder interviews. This overall approach was greatly appreciated by the market, customers and stakeholders. Vion has become a transparent player in the meat industry. On 21 November 2017, the Crystal Prizes for the most transparent annual reports were awarded. Vion received the Crystal Prize for the fastest climber in the Transparency Benchmark 2017. In 2016, the company reached a total of 38 points. This year, Vion took 128 points, which is up 92 positions, going from place 204 to 112 on the Transparency Benchmark, just below the top 100. The jury about the Vion CSR report: ‘The greatest difference compared with prior reporting is that this year, a CSR report was prepared for the first time. This thorough report included crucial components such as a value creation model, a description of the value chain and information with regard to the stakeholder dialogue. The way in which material topics and the value creation model are connected with each other, in particular, is remarkably accurate.’ C&F also realized the Annual Report 2016. Both publications were produced in German, English and Dutch. C&F is currently working on the corporate presentation(s) and the renewal of Vion’s website. All this with the aim of further enhancing transparency.

Scope C&F: CSR advice, CSR policy execution, strategic design, stakeholder analysis, materiality, added value model, selection of CSR topics, GRI standards, iconic design of all CSR topics, full design of the CSR Report, design of the Annual Report , including hundreds of pictograms, icons, illustrations and visuals, and ultimate process and quality control.

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