Schiphol Group


Ground breaking value creation model
Online Integrated Annual Report 2016, number 2 Transparency Benchmark 2016
Best (FD Henri Sijthoff Award 2016) and most innovative Annual Report 2015 (Transparency Benchmark) in The Netherlands
Multi channel publication: web site and pdf in an integrated publication platform

Schiphol Group

Schiphol Group (more than 2,000 employees; revenue of roughly € 1.5 billion) is one of the leaders in corporate reporting in the Netherlands. In 2015 C&F Report developed a new, interactive value creation model for the Schiphol Group as a basic concept and then worked with the client to develop this into a website containing detailed information about the company’s added value. This subsequently served as the basis for the annual report. C&F also worked with Schiphol Group to create clear pictograms for key figures, KPIs and other items, used as the visual supports for the full annual report. C&F and its partner Tangelo designed the full online integrated annual report and the PDF (both the Dutch and English versions). In 2015, the jury of the Transparency Benchmark awarded this report the title of ‘Most Innovative Annual Report’ in the Netherlands. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol also received the FD Sijthoff Award in 2015 for ‘Best Annual Report’ in the ‘Non-listed companies’ category. The report was further developed in 2016, including the integration of pictograms, monetisation of impact, and an interactive business model.

C&F’s scope: strategic design, concept, design, online reporting section (value creation model), website, PDF, including all pictograms, illustrations and visuals, process management/quality assurance.