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Complete metamorphosis based on criteria of the Transparent Price (PwC): special design, clear structure, colourful
Development social impact measuring instrument: Oranje Fonds connects
2019 goals and status realization 2016 in one visual dashboard
Separate dashboards for the three main activities: grants, campaigns and programs
Combination of infographics, icons, objectives, status display and short cases: extremely clear and accessible
Attractive online responsive summary: Public Annual Report 2016

Oranje Fonds

Oranje Fonds is an endowed foundation and the largest in the area of social welfare in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It aims to promote participation in society. Their support brings people together, or enables them to find a new place in society. Annually, Oranje Fonds invest about € 30 million of which almost € 27 million of direct financial contributions in over 10,000 social initiatives in the Netherlands and the Caribean part of the Kingdom. In the Annual Report 2016, C&F Report realised a complete metamorphosis based on criteria of the Transparent Price (PwC). The enormous impact of Oranje Fonds has been made visually visible and based on a clear structure. A virtually unique measuring instrument was developed for this: ‘Orange Fonds connects’. The design of the report is distinctive and colourful. The most important activities – grants, campaigns and programs – are presented visually, clearly and accessible through a combination of infographics, icons, objectives, status and short cases. Also, the contribution of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima is being presented. This makes the annual report a school example of reporting in the social welfare sector. That’s why C&F also created an attractive online responsive summary: the Oranje Fonds Public Annual Report 2016.

C&F’s scope: reporting strategy, structure, text, development of social impact measuring instrument, strategic design (including all infographics, icons, illustrations and visuals) process and quality control, online responsive summary.

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