Reporting platform

EY Reporting platform

EY chooses a concise Annual Report within a Core & More structure. The relevant reports are organised around the Annual Report on the reporting platform. ‘Together we achieve more’ is the guiding theme of the preface, visualisations, employees’ testimonials and video content. In collaboration with Bondt Communicatie (responsible for the text) and EY’s reporting team C&F Report realised a distinctive reporting platform.

The video message of Coen Boogaart (Chair of the Board of Directors) on the opening page of the reporting platform provides an introduction to the Annual Report. Next to that video posts on social media create extra traffic to the reporting site, and in this way the Annual Report gains relevance and strengthens EY’s employer brand.

The main pillars of the report are: a summary reporting website with a video interview with Coen Boogaart, performance dashboards and a download center. The More of the reporting platform includes the English financial statements, the GRI reporting, the Transparency Report and comprehensive CR and SDG reports. Together with an efficiently designed framework for the financial statements this all sums up to a modern integrated Annual Report with which EY classified itself as best in class in the Dutch accountancy and consultancy market.

Scope C&F: strategic framework, concept, design, photography, video, online reporting platform, PDFs, infographics and visuals, process management/quality control.

Theme: Together we achieve more

EY Netherlands operates in a rapidly changing, complex environment. Agility and a multidisciplinary approach are essential. EY invests in innovation, has an eye for inclusiveness and connects specialists in a multi-disciplinary approach of complex clients demands. This results in added value for clients, employees and society. In the report various EY employees are depicted and tell their own story: how they experienced the collaboration, both internally and externally. Together we achieve more is translated into a distinctive photo concept that pictures EY this year again as an organisation of engaged professionals.


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