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EY’s integrated annual report 2017/2018 is the continuation of last year’s new reporting direction: communicating the operational targets in a visual way with clear and impactful infographics. In cooperation with Bondt Communicatie (text) and the EY reporting team, C&F Report realized a distinctive reporting platform.

New in 2018 is the video content added to the annual report. In seven interviews the Chairman of the board and principal partners share their insights, results and ambition. These videos provide a deeper understanding for a wider stakeholder audience and provide ‘emotion’ to the report.
Next to that, the short videos shared on social media create traffic to the reporting website. Thus the annual report gets a wider reach and more relevance. Focusing on the people behind the company the annual report also strengthens EY’s employer brand position.

The annual report is characterized by a comprehensive reporting website with download center, strategic infographics, quantified value creation model, interviews with principal partners, risk radar, stakeholder analysis and a visual strategic framework. In combination with the GRI report and the financial statements section this all sums up to a modern integrated annual report with which EY classified itself as best in class in the Dutch accountancy and consultancy industry.

Scope C&F: strategic framework, concept design, photography, video, online reporting platform, pdf, including all pictograms, illustrations, visuals, process management/quality control.



Theme: an eye for the public interest
EY has an eye for the public interest of its services. It’s essential for the company to be relevant for its customers and stakeholders. Starting from the mission Building a better world every day again EY professionals are committed to sustainable growth, talent development and collaboration and where digital innovation becomes more and more important.
Based on the design concept ‘an eye for the public interest’ partners and employees tell their story in videos and testimonials. Come in touch with the principal partners and their eye for the public interest in the integrated annual report 2017/2018.


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