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Eneco Group

Changeover at Eneco

Eneco Group is a leading sustainable operator in the energy sector. Together with customers and partners, Eneco Group is embarking on a new mission based on participation in the energy transition. The company pursues a consistent course and leads the way in sustainability and innovation, adding value for consumers and businesses with smart products and services.

The 2018 annual report is the focus of particular attention due to the upcoming change in the shareholding structure. A company with an estimated market capitalisation of €3.5 billion is set to change owner. To accompany this organisational change a new, forward-looking business strategy has been developed in which Eneco draws an explicit link between the economic return and sustainability effects. Eneco wants everyone to be able to participate in the energy transition.

That strategy underpins the structure of the annual report, which provides clear dashboards showing value creation for the shareholder, customer, employee and society, coupled with climate objectives and financial returns. Visuals for strategy and value creation provide the framework for the reporting of operational results and targets.
The Eneco annual report was produced within Tangelo, with sections being configured as standard in the corporate identity of Eneco.

Energy figures
Eneco’s up-to-date performance is shown in the ‘Energy figures’ continuous reporting dashboard with sustainability performances and non-financial information. Continuous reporting provides a clear summary of complex non-financial information, often drawn from multiple sources. Validated current data reinforces trust, ensures transparency and contributes significantly to the purpose of the Eneco brand.

The energy figures dashboard gives all stakeholders insight into Eneco’s objectives as it fulfils its ambition of switching to sustainability.

All sustainability information is clearly presented, including total production capacity and total energy production – for onshore wind, offshore wind, solar energy, biomass and conventional energy. This information is also broken out by country. Information is also provided on the Eneco Group workforce.

C&F Report is supporting Eneco in its reporting cycle with half-yearly and full-year reports and continuous reports that provide optimum information for stakeholder groups concerning Eneco Group results and evolving objectives.

‘We see C&F as a professional reporting partner that helps Eneco with its online-first reporting by providing extensive know-how and creativity. C&F was the inspiration for our plans to communicate non-financial energy and other data on a continuous and transparent basis through our website. The idea, conception and design make Eneco’s ambition tangible. Ultimately that’s because reporting supports Eneco’s strategy, partly by showing how Eneco creates value, helps customers and society to make the switch and opens up sustainable energy for everyone.’
– Edwin van de Haar, Manager Media Relations & PR, Eneco

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