Nieuw: real-time visual dashboarding

Nieuw: real-time visual dashboarding

C&F Report, the market leader in corporate reporting in the Netherlands and a dashboarding specialist, and Marviq, a high-tech IT partner and expert in digitising business processes, are jointly launching a real-time visual dashboarding service under the name CF Digital. They seek to support businesses on a full-service basis in continuous integrated reporting and business monitoring. This makes it easier for businesses to focus on their KPIs and thereby improve their strategic and operational management options while their annual reporting processes are simplified at the same time.

CF Digital makes it possible to present complex information using a clear, visual format based on high-tech dashboards which consist of interactive and animated infographics. These are regularly projected in real-time – making them always up-to-date and fully automated – in information platforms which closely match the client’s needs and requirements. Progress can be regularly monitored (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, and, if required, even every second) using mobile applications. Needless to say, the highest level of security is guaranteed, and data can be extracted from any source and file type.

Benefits of real-time visual dashboarding
One major benefit is that senior executives are presented with fully up-to-date information in a visual format, giving them a more accurate and efficient picture of the company’s performance. This eliminates the need to interpret complex datasheets. Effective measures can be taken more quickly and processes accelerated, thereby improving financial results. This can be refined at even the smallest level of the organisation. At the same time, it also becomes easier to track non-financial KPIs.

Innovative applications
Real-time continuous integrated reporting: transparency through 24/7 access
Spreadsheets are a thing of the past; dashboarding is now where it’s at in the boardroom. Presenting well-designed dashboards (or parts thereof) on websites inspires trust and improves companies’ transparency and professional image. Real-time, integrated, continuous reports allow users to instantly view KPIs, performance details, and, if required, targets. This integrated format presents a perfect mix of financial and non-financial information.

Continuous financial monitoring: optimum control
There is a strong need for data access and monitoring, particularly in larger organisations with multiple divisions and business units. Continuous financial monitoring makes it possible to easily visualise complex information from different levels of the organisation. This information is up-to-date and validated 24/7 and can be compared against KPIs, targets and internal benchmarks. This enables users to substantially improve their efficiency and results.

Production report: for more efficient production processes
The effectiveness and efficiency of production processes can always be improved in order to enhance the quality of the output while at the same time cutting costs. CF Digital can work with its clients to set up process management indicators and manage these in real-time in a dashboard format. Output indicators provide information on progress and any deviations.

Circularity and CSR reports: cutting costs and achieving targets
The ultimate goal of a company’s CSR policy is to achieve hard targets for reducing scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, improving circularity, reducing energy, gas and water consumption, and other CSR targets.

Relevant client projects: substantial results achieved
Based on the strong market positions of C&F Report and Marviq, CF Digital is proud to present a
selection of our client projects below.
− For an energy group: real-time, continuous, integrated reporting. The result is optimum transparency, with an extra focus on non-financial information.
− For a waste and raw materials management specialist: circular dashboards, resulting in 15% higher results in sustainability.
− For a major European retailer: sales dashboarding and forecasting, resulting in a 1% increase in sales.
− For a car leasing company: real-time damage dashboards: 10% cost savings in handling.
− For an innovative manufacturer: production dashboards which increased output by 15%.
− For a risk insurance/reinsurance company: claims management dashboards: lead time cut by 10%, resulting in a 5% reduction in costs.

Further information
Pieter Koenders, Managing Director C&F Report,, +31 (0)6 55 74 65 85.

C&F Report and Marviq company profiles
C&F Report is a consultancy and production specialist in the field of corporate reporting, including integrated reporting, annual reporting and CSR reporting. As the market leader in its field, C&F Report provides its services to more than 50 clients. Marviq is a high-tech technology agency specialising in digitising business processes. Both organisations employ a workforce of around 25 permanent employees and 10 flexible workers.