Long-term trends in reporting

Long-term trends in reporting
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  • Companies will be called to account more than ever. A strong annual report is a key tool in solving this accountability issue in a transparent way and based on a clear and accessible structure. 
  • Reporting Plaza and continuous reporting help us to inform stakeholders even more effectively and have increased the appeal of reporting.
  • Corporate decision-makers will make sustainability and progress in sustainability policies an explicit part of their decisions regarding cooperation and investment.
  • Technological advances give companies increasingly faster and easier access to reporting data and enable them to subsequently collect, analyse, check and correlate this data, as well as giving them the opportunity to report on this data on an integrated basis.
  • Ethical values, reputation and risk management become key issues in the decision-making process relating to partnerships and commercial values. Reporting helps in addressing these issues effectively.
  • New performance indicators will be created.
  • Open data: stakeholders gain full or partial access to the underlying data of the report.