Non-profits: use your annual report

Non-profits: use your annual report

In our opinion public-interest institutions (also known as charitable organisations, non-profits or charities) should stronger clarify their impact. This leads to transparency and clarity 

impact. This leads to transparency and clarity of the long-term objectives and provides insight into the current status. Dashboards provide overview and key figures can be visually highlighted. We call this impact reporting, primary suitable for annual reports, but secondarily also in the form of compelling interactive dashboards prominently placed on the websites of charities.

Based on our reporting knowledge C&F Report has invented impact reporting. According to us there is much gaining ground here. We clearly visualise the impact of charities. Not by long stories, but by a clear and visual structure, smart dashboards, objectives and status views, top design, short summarised accompanying text, beautiful visuals, optimally shaped strategic stories and cases (storytelling). This offers not only transparency but generates also much extra fund raising leads.

Good examples: Oranje Fonds and Amref Flying Doctors
Oranje Fonds annual report: how to visualise the huge impact of the Oranje Fonds (more than 10,000 yearly initiatives and more than € 30 million charities spending). Check the complete interactive pdf or the public version of the annual report (visual summary).

Amref Flying Doctors annual report: complete metamorphosis of their annual report. How to make visible their impact in Africa: from a lot of text to impact, structure and visualising added value.

Reporting criteria of PwC converted into a visual structure
Both reports are entirely based on the criteria of the Transparency Award of PwC: how charities are supposed to report the best (transparent). This is worked out in a complete checklist. We have turned this checklist into a visual structure with the aim of visualising their enormous social impact from the specific angles and stakeholder environment of both the Oranje Fonds and Amref Flying Doctors. Simple, compact and powerful, and supported with short text.

Innovator in reporting
C&F Report is an innovator in reporting. The 2016 annual report of Aalberts Industries has been nominated for the Henri Sijthoff Award in the AEX-listed companies category. In 2015, the annual report of Royal Schiphol Group became the most innovative annual report of the Netherlands. Schiphol also won the Henri Sijthoff Award in the non-listed companies category. The annual report of Royal Schiphol Group ended as number two in the Transparency Benchmark of 2016. In the recent past both the annual report of Kendrion (Henri Sijthoff Award) and Wereldhave (EPRA Best Annual Report Award) have been nominated.

C&F works for more than forty different customers and is 100% specialised in corporate reporting and dashboarding. We execute corporate communication projects (strategy updates, corporate websites, corporate stories and presentations) for existing customers. Thanks to our ultimate visual approach we are capable to clearly visualise the value creation of companies.