Current reporting trends

Current reporting trends
actuele trends
  • From data to visuals and infographics
  • Reporting animations: summary of strategy, key data and results in a brief, well-produced animated video (maximum of three minutes in length)

  • Online summaries of key figures, key data and storytelling: the ultimate summary displayed on a special, compact website. Click here for examples from Schiphol Group or Royal FloraHolland
  • Online reporting
  • Storytelling: how does a company or organisation demonstrate that the strategic objectives and value creation are a reality?
  • Strategy and strategic focus are shown as visuals: clear, simple and accessible
  • Materiality index and further details on material issues: visual, concise and strong
  • Integrated objectives and progress reports on strategic objectives are shown in a visual format
  • Reporting order: Profit, People, Planet
  • Stakeholder dialogues form an integral part of the report
  • Dilemmas are briefly outlined
  • GRI-4 as a basis for CSR reports with a detailed GRI index
  • Value creation: the new thing in reporting
  • Clarity in the supply chain
  • Corporate Governance: detailed notes
  • Risk Management: visuals to explain
  • ISO 26000 Self Declaration
  • CSR Assurance
  • More – rather than less – pages
  • More detailed audit report containing visuals of materiality, scope of the audit, and key points